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Read the innovation profiles of industry suppliers and learn about their latest products, services and innovation and research projects from around Europe, Scandinavia and EFTA.

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Keeping oven chains protected, even at extreme temperatures

Bakery ovens used in the production of tortillas, pitta bread, pizza dough and other baked goods can expose conveyor chains to extreme temperatures upward of 650°C. At these high temperatures common food-grade chain oils can evaporate and break down, leaving behind high levels of residue and/or requiring constant re-lubrication.

The Future of the Baking Industry lies with Flexibility

The baking machine manufacturer Koenig is certain of one thing: Bakeries and their suppliers need to prove their flexibility in the future. The daily challenges of bakeries have changed significantly over time and will continue to do so. Koenig creates new solutions to support bakeries worldwide in these challenges, with particular outlook to the world-leading IBA exhibition in Munich.