Spoon Guru

Takes the fuss out of finding the right food to buy, cook, and eat

Spoon Guru's award winning food search engine enables consumers to find tailored recommendations based on their unique dietary requirements. Their innovative technology has quickly become the leader in its field and is already being licensed by some of the world's leading corporates in their sectors, including Tesco.

Huge demand from a global population looking for tailored choice
64% of the world's population now follow an exclusion diet of some sort. Yet searching for appropriate food is frustrating and cumbersome. Spoon Guru takes the hassle out of finding the right food by matching products and recipes to consumers' unique preferences.

The company's core competence is based on AI and coupled with nutritional domain expertise. Their solutions enable the food industry to provide highly personalised experiences and their mission is simple: Whatever a consumer's nutritional needs, preferences, or objectives may be, Spoon Guru finds exactly the right food.

Is Consumer Search Optimisation (CSO) the future of retail?
Spoon Guru's pioneering food search technology – available as a free app in the UK and the US, and licensed by large corporations like Tesco – demonstrates the power of optimised search capabilities.

This smart food engine finds 87,000 gluten free products in the UK market alone, when most supermarkets barely find a thousand. And that is just one example. The Spoon Guru food classification platform supports 180+ common food preferences including low sugar, vegan, nut free, halal, and kosher.

Catering for individual needs
Spoon Guru’s technology optimises food products for online search so that they can be found and matched to individual consumer profiles. Sophisticated AI based algorithms run in the background, crunching literally billions of data points every night. While it’s a complex process, Spoon Guru is entirely focused on the task in hand: to simplify food search and to leverage smart technology to cater for the modern multi-preference consumer.

All food businesses now have the opportunity to provide personalisation and tailored choice to their customers.

Spoon Guru knows that people have specific requirements and they understand that everybody has individual tastes. They not only acknowledge that everybody is unique, but they also celebrate it.

Thankfully, CSO technology can now deliver a superior search and discovery experience for food choices tailored to every individual.

Website: www.spoon.guru

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