RONDObot® - Revolutionary rounding

RONDObot® is the basic technology for a novel rounding system for bread and rolls. It can be used to produce round moulded rolls and bread within a wide weight range. Due to the newly developed multi-phase rounding process RONDObot® is characterised by its high performance, unique flexibility and for the outstanding quality of the final product.


Maximum possibilities with RONDObot®
The rounding system consists of RONDObot®, an industrial robot in IP67 design, specialised tool sets and a purpose built moulding table. The RONDObot® can, therefore, be integrated into existing, or new bread and roll lines.

RONDObot® can produce round moulded rolls and bread in a weight range from 40g to 1000g. The system can process wheat dough, dough with rye content as well as dehydrated dough and dough containing seeds.

Revolutionary multi-phase rounding process
With RONDObot®, it is possible, for the first time, to adjust the rounding process optimally to suit the dough and the final product. In this revolutionary multi-phase rounding process, the rounding is divided into individual phaes and in each one, optimum moulding movements are carried out in a unique way.

Wide range of applications combined with high capacity
From small rolls of 40g to bread loaves with a weight of 1000g, the RONDObot® can be used for round moulding of any size of dough piece. The changeover from one product size to another works very quickly because the RONDObot® is equipped with an automatic tool changing system. The moulding table of RONDObot® is equipped with a universal moulding band which works independently from the number of rows. Without the need to change the band, rolls and loaves can be produced from three to seven rows, depending on size.

For example, RONDObot® can reach a capacity of approximately 18,000 pieces per hour when producing 60g rolls. For higher capacities, several RONDObot® systems can be used simultaneously on one line.

The applied for patent RONDObot® technology represents a milestone in bakery technology and forms the basis for extensive application possibilities in the baking industry. In conjunction with RONDOnet, the industry 4.0 application from RONDO, RONDObot® knows exactly how many products it produces, when it needs to be maintained and, in the future, optionally, whether the result of the operation meets the programmed requirements.

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