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Planetary mixing and kneading machines from REGO HERLITZIUS
Innovative high-tech aids for processing dough and paste in the bakery trade

For many years, REGO Herlitzius, the German manufacturer of bakery machines, has pursued a two-pillar strategy. Besides high performance large machines for the industrial sector, the second and equally significant pillar of the product portfolio "Made in Wuppertal" consists of numerous innovative machines for the traditional bakery trade. The main highlights of this pillar include bread cutting machines for the sales area of baker's shops and bake-off stations, planetary mixing, kneading and beating machines and cream cookers to support production in baker's shops.

"This two-pillar strategy has proven itself over many years," says Managing Director Uwe Paass. "The two divisions each benefit from results coming from Research & Development and we are, therefore, able to cover the whole range of requirements in the bakery trade with innovative products."

Planetary mixing and kneading machines of the PM series
REGO HERLITZIUS supplies the confectionery and bakery trade with a machine portfolio comprising planetary mixing and kneading machines of the PM series with bowl sizes ranging from 12 to 200 litres. These dough and paste processing machines make work easier, more precise, faster, more hygienic and more convenient. The wide range of bowl sizes means that the right machine is available for practically every size of firm.

Presentation of the planetary mixing and kneading machines of the PM series on a trade fair

Computer-assisted reproducibility of recipes
Bakers and confectioners with high quality requirements rely on the exact reproducibility of recipes in their daily work. The comprehensive standard equipment supplied with machines in the PM series help users achieve this. The kneading process was optimised under laboratory conditions for recipes during which the shapes, curves and radii of the kneading arms were designed to ensure excellent dough and paste mixing.

All planetary machines from REGO HERZLITZIUS are also equipped with electronic control and a computer with a memory for 37 programmes of 20 stages each as well as variable electronic speed control systems. The automatic start-up programme in the machines is also computer-assisted to protect the tools and the machines. These features as well as digital time and speed displays assist confectioners in generating and reproducing recipes precisely.

Rugged planetary drive technology
The High Efficiency drives in the PM series comply with the IE-2 class to ensure maximum efficiency. A low-maintenance and rugged planetary gear was developed and manufactured in optimised production processes using ideal material pairings to achieve maximum quiet running even at top speeds. The output drive between motor and planetary gear was optimised by a load-dependent frequency control to ensure excellent running characteristics in all load situations. Integrated dampers absorb and reduce vibration transferred to the machine frame. All the features described above increase machine service life considerably.

Design supports hygiene
All machine frames in the PM series were developed based on Hygienic Design aspects. From the outside, this is recognisable by details such as the adjustable feet and the one-piece protective cover with refill window above the bowl. All covers are easily exchangeable and very easy to clean. The foil panel is another feature emphasising the importance placed on maximum hygiene requirements as well as the tool coupling shafts fitted with quick-change systems and manufactured completely from stainless steel.

Accessories included in standard equipment
Bakers and confectioners receive a comprehensive range of accessories included in the standard version of a PM series machine. This includes a bowl wagon, beating or stirring whisk, flat stirrer, kneading spiral and an accessory set. All tools are made of stainless steel. The beating and stirring whisks are shaped to ensure stable consistency for each recipe to prevent the mass from rapidly "collapsing" and losing volume.

Both intricate and rugged
"With the planetary machines in our PM series, we have put together a complete package for confectioners and bakers. On the one hand, they are very intricate due to their complex computer controls but at the same time they are powerful and long-lasting due to the rugged drive and gear designs," says Uwe Paass in summary.


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Uwe Paaß (Paass), Managing Director Rego Herlitzius
Uwe Paaß (Paass), Managing Director Rego Herlitzius

Rego Herlitzius PM 140
The Rego Herlitzius PM 140 with its bowl size of 140 litres