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Always listening closely to our customers
Practical and customer-oriented machines resulting from dialogue with customers

Good, successful, practical and customer-oriented machines for the bakery trade, which prove themselves in traditional bakeries and production plants on a daily basis, are not created solely on the computer screens of research and development departments. German bakery machine specialist REGO HERLITZIUS has been investing significant resources in innovations for decades; a move that has also led to a large number of patents.

REGO HERLITZIUS also has a long tradition of always listening closely to its customers. REGO HERLIZIUS listened to these customer suggestions, modified and improved their bakery machinery, now manufactured in Wuppertal, to render the machines even more practical and user-friendly. However, this does not always mean reinventing the wheel! "Feedback from our customers' everyday experiences is important to us", says Managing Director Uwe Paaß, "it also flows into the updates and ongoing development of our machines".

Digital and mechanical optimisation
Machine characteristics that make bakers' daily lives easier can be both digital and mechanical in nature. Intuitive menu navigation for controlling the underlying complex control software is no more important than the employment of simple, but clever, mechanical design characteristics which support hygiene, for instance. The decisive factor with REGO HERLITZIUS machines is always that every feature of the plant really does assist the user in his work.

The intuitive design of the control panels allow easy operation of complex digital assistants

Easy-to-operate 'digital assistants' deliver top quality
Almost all of today's machines from the traditional Wuppertal company incorporate complex digital technology. For instance, the PM series planetary machines are fitted with an electronic controller and storage computer with 37 programmes, each of which involves 20 steps and a continuously variable electronic speed controller. The machines' automatic warm-up programme is also computer-controlled. These features aid bakers and confectioners in measuring out their recipes precisely and ensuring accurate repeatability, as do the digital time and speed displays, thereby also helping to protect tools and machines.

However complex these digital assistants have become, they still, of course, need to be easy to operate. The intuitive design of the control panels results from REGO HERLITZIUS leveraging the experiences and suggestions of the machine users. This ensures that the myriad computer programmes can very easily be selected and executed in just a few steps.

Mechanical design characteristics as clever assistants
The many mechanical design characteristics, which initially appear rather insignificant, are actually clever – and highly practical assistants that make the bakers' work significantly easier when they are using the machines. A large number of examples confirm this:

For instance, inserting the bowl into the SM series beating machines is achieved using the swivelling and clamping lever which is much appreciated by users. This makes using the machine a pleasant and simple process, while simultaneously ensuring that cleaning the machines is correspondingly easy. Bowl height adjustment is infinitely variable and the bowl automatically locks when the respective height is reached.

The cream pasteurisers, which are available in bowl sizes of between 30 and 300 litres (30, 60, 80, 120, 200, 250 and 300 litres), are fitted with a hand wheel for emptying the bowl instead of the more conventional lever mechanism used by other market players. This mechanical characteristic is closely aligned with the requirements of everyday operations, because a hand wheel allows a controlled, slow and continuous emptying of the bowl.

In addition to this, a highly practical option is to have the bowl fitted with an outlet valve. This valve can be used to pour out the mixture easily and conveniently whilst also offering further significant benefits when it comes to cleaning. In terms of hygiene aspects, this is both an important and time-saving factor.

An equipment feature that is still unique in the market and which significantly simplifies workflow, is the lid for the baking of choux pastry. This has gained a great deal of positive feedback from users in that such lids have large openings through which precisely dosed flour can be conveniently poured while the machine is running.

Simple cleaning and hygiene thanks to clever design
The hygiene aspect takes centre stage in the design of machines made by REGO HERLITZIUS. This starts with rounded corners and edges, wherever possible, together with large surface areas. These factors contribute to less accumulation of dirt and easier cleaning. The drive units are always structurally separated from the parts of the machine which actually come into contact with foodstuffs. The crumb drawers of bread slicers are easily removed and are equally easy to clean and maintain. Most machines are mobile, which means that the machine can be moved effortlessly at any time to facilitate cleaning.

"While many of these stated features may appear trivial at first, they actually result in a great deal of positive feedback from our customers", says Managing Director Uwe Paaß. "We consider dialogue with our customers to be important and we make use of it repeatedly in order to make our machines even more practically oriented."


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Uwe Paaß (Paass), Managing Director Rego Herlitzius
Uwe Paaß (Paass), Managing Director Rego Herlitzius

Rego Herlitzius hand wheel
Hand wheel for comfortable emptying the bowl of cream pasteurisers