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A revolution: the new MIWE roll-in e+ 3.0

The new MIWE roll-in e+ is the first oven in the world that can bake with a defined, standard atmospheric pressure in the baking chamber. The technology, which is known as “Atmospheric Baking”, was the winner of the prestigious südback Trend Award 2016 and provides an even baking result that is unaffected by external factors such as air pressure, air speed or humidity. The latest generation of rack ovens also offers an impressive 8% improvement in energy efficiency over previous models, as well as simpler operation and cleaning.

What isn’t immediately evident from the outside, but impressive are the hygienic design improvements in the oven. For example, the one-piece-base rotary table is designed to prevent deposits of dirt in the corners or on the edges which, as an additional benefit makes it even more robust.

A further hygienic advantage of the new MIWE roll-in e+ is that the inner surface of the door is completely flush with its surroundings (And, for enhanced energy efficiency, is constructed with insulated glazing). Indeed, the entire exterior of the system is “splash-proof” with the interior being hygienically designed enabling wet washing as required.

In this regard, another innovation is also interesting; namely that of the optional core temperature sensor for the MIWE roll-in e+. Though these sensors are standard equipment in other systems, in particular kitchen appliances, our rack ovens are still the only ovens of their kind to feature core temperature sensors. Which may be due to the fact that the rotating racks do not usually allow for simple solutions. As a result, MIWE relies on a special wireless multipoint sensor and, therefore, needs no physical connection to the outside. On the one hand, sensors like this have technical advantages when baking.

Anyone who wants to perfect the baking process with dependable reproducibility can use this system to bake until a pre-determined core temperature is reached. In addition, the core temperature sensor can be advantageous when it comes to ever stricter hygienic requirements in such a way that it can be used to log the core temperature curve and thereby document it in accordance with the requirements of the hygiene directive.

The MIWE roll-in e+ 3.0 is equipped with a variety of practical functions which is one of the main reasons why the rack oven is very much appreciated by its users.

Website: www.miwe.com/roll-in

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The new MIWE roll-in e+ 3.0