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Taking dough sheeting to the next level
The dough sheeting line Menes-H in hygienic design series "H"

There is an increasing demand in the baking industry for largely maintenance-free and easy-clean machines for maximum service life. Therefore, the Austrian baking machine manufacturer Koenig developed the hygienic design series "H" which focuses on easy cleaning and maintenance of the machines resulting in less soiling, therefore less need for spare parts and higher durability of the machines.

The hygienic design series "H" inspired by customers
Flour, dust and waste dough can get easily stuck in baking machines, which can cause wearing of the machines and in the worst case even a cessation of bread production. Moreover, hygienic concerns associated with allergens such as egg and nuts are increasing as is staff safety both of which are becoming more and more deciding factors for industrial bakeries in the production process. To meet these customer demands, Koenig has worked out an innovative and consistent hygienic design concept in cooperation with its customers.

Koenig dough sheeting line Menes-H in hygienic design "H"

The hygienic design series "H" has been applied to the dough divider/rounder Industrie Rex AW-H, the high-performance roll line KGV-H and the twin twist mixer DW 240-H which were introduced in 2015. Koenig's hygienic design enables high performance and high dough processing quality as well as high standards of hygiene in the production of baked goods. The latest member in this series is the dough sheeting line Menes-H.

The newest member in the hygienic design series "H": Menes-H
The Menes dough sheeting line stands for gentle dough handling and modular design to produce bread, rolls and pastry from the dough sheet in high quality. Each line is custom-designed and can be extended with additional components at any time. Menes lines are currently operating at Koenig's customers in USA, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Iran.

The new Menes-H line was first introduced at the Suedback 2016 exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany and the first line of its kind will be installed at a Danish bakery. The hygienic design provides a redesigned frame construction to minimise surface contamination with all mechanical drive components being fully enclosed and separated from the dough area.

The line is an open design for convenient accessibility and the large wire-fence doors functioning as hand-guards enable a higher level of safety for the operating staff. All transfer belts can be released without tools, most of them being exchangeable. Thanks to sealed bearings, the line can be cleaned entirely with low-pressure water.

The line has a throughput capacity of up to 5,000 kg dough per hour and is available in working widths of 800mm to 1,600 mm. The dough sheet can have a thickness of 1mm to 80mm which enables a large variety of products such as rolls, pastry, pizza, ciabatta, baguette and bread ready for further transport onto proving, baking or cooling systems.

The Twin Sat satellite head is a vital component in every Menes line producing a virtually tension-free dough sheet. The twin satellite head reduces high mechanical loads due to two satellite roller heads positioned one above the other. In the new hygienic design, the Twin Sat has a new frame concept with integrated touch panel, drives on the reverse side and a new sealing concept for higher safety and optimised hygiene.

The line also features an optional seeding unit and a retracting unit, all modules of which are also hygienically designed, with mechanical drive components fully encapsulated thereby hygienically isolated from the dough. Cleaning is possible with splash water and all conveyor belts can be slackened for cleaning purposes and thus easily changed.

High weight accuracy across the entire dough sheet width is a property of the Koenig AWS
The newly developed belt weighing unit Accurate Weight system (AWS) is an independent machine component which allows segmented weighing of the dough sheet across the entire working width. The Accurate Weight system operates in rows in which the individual dough strings are recognised, and evaluated with differences in dough weight detected by the individual weighing sections. Since the subsequent modules can then be adjusted accordingly, correction cuts are not required thereby reducing dough scraps and enabling weight-accurate production of dough strings and dough pieces.

The AWS was awarded with the "Suedback Trophy" at the Suedback 2016 exhibition due to its sophisticated technology and benefits for the baking industry.

Koenig as worldwide bread and roll specialist
The Austrian company Koenig supplies baking companies worldwide with technically sophisticated bakery machines, lines and ovens. Through a programme of continuous innovation over a period of 50 years since its foundation in 1966, Koenig has secured a leading position in the world market but crucially with one main goal: To produce machines that support bakers in their craft.

Koenig's machine portfolio covers the entire bakery production chain: From kneading and mixing, dividing and rounding, forming and proving, baking, cooling and freezing right through to handling. Koenig offers machines for artisan as well as for industrial bakeries and has also positioned itself as a partner for entire turnkey project solutions. With the huge variety of bread, rolls and pastries, parochial tastes and eating behaviour worldwide, Koenig is ideally positioned to provide a solution for any requirement.

The Koenig group today employs around 500 people, 260 of whom work in their headquarters in Graz, Austria. The manufacturer has a global network of sales and service partners and subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, USA and Russia.

Website: www.koenig-rex.com

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