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Turn-key Solutions for Baking Businesses
Koenig expands product range to turn-key solutions

The Austrian manufacturer for baking machines and lines founded a new subsidiary in Italy named "Koenig Technology Project Management" and thus expanded its product range to turn-key solutions for bakeries.

Providing complete solutions for bakeries with news office in Italy
Koenig, specialist for baking machines particularly in the field of dough make-up, has decided to expand its product portfolio. Wolfgang Staufer, Koenig CEO states: "We have been observing a growing interest in industrial lines as well as in turn-key projects. As we see a large potential for the future, we decided to enlarge our product program and know-how in this field."

To have experts in this product range, Koenig founded the Koenig Technology Project management office in Verona, Italy. This office is responsible for the planning of entire bakeries, from mixing and transporting, dough processing, proofing, product handling, baking and cooling through to packaging.

The Koenig Technology team is led by Nicola Perbellini, who has been working in the baking industry and project business for 25 years. In close collaboration with the Koenig subsidiaries, this new office handles inquiries and plans bakery plants to individually match customers' demands. The solutions are built by Koenig and by partners of Koenig for modules such as raw materials handling, cooling, freezing and packaging.

Wider product range for individual projects
Koenig is now better capable of supplying large-scale turn-key plants for customers. New product fields include proofing systems, such as step, tray or rack proofers. Koenig Technology has developed a series of modular tunnel ovens (single-deck indirectly or directly fired, multi-deck indirectly fired) for various product ranges. Koenig Technology also developed board and pan handling systems to transport gently, dough pieces as well as pans or boards. The enlarged product range joins Koenig's 50 years of know-how and experience in dough processing, dough technology and worldwide customer service. Today, the Koenig group covers in total more than 500 employees, 260 of them in the headquarters in Austria, subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, USA and Russia and a global network of sales and service partners.

The first projects are already in progress, e.g. a rustic bread plant in Spain with dough sheeting, board handling and step proofer, a flatbread plant in Germany with dough sheeting, product handling, belt proofer and stone tunnel oven and a complete baguette and ciabatta line in Italy from dough sheeting to freezing including a plate circulation oven.

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