DÜBÖR presents Modulisation

A faster, cleaner and more efficient method of coating.

In 2017 DÜBÖR is developing a new idea in process modulisation of hygienic design. Nowadays production processes have to be more flexible than ever before. Once purchased, a machine will never stay the same over the entire period of its usage due to the rapid changing of the the ranges of baking products.

The new all-round system, the AB-K, covers all daily possibilities likely to be presented during a day's work. The classic combination will see you start with a glazing module which is put in front of a drying station with the icing being applied to the pastries as the final operation.

Additional modules for spraying egg or releasing agent are also available. Each stainless steel module is available in a length of exactly 1 metre and only takes up a small amount of workspace and can be run individually or in combination with any other module. As an example, the drying unit which runs with hot and cold air can be set before or after the glazing or icing unit to ensure a direct boxing after production. This advanced level of modulisation is designed to stimulate new ideas for your products.

For coatings that are difficult to process, such as glazes, icings or release agents, you can rely on DÜBÖR's intricately-designed nozzles which control air and spray air to give you a spray pattern that offers excellent results with no overspray in high-speed operating cycles but with precise output quantities.

DÜBÖR also specialises in the construction of customised spraying equipment. Meeting our customers' performance requirements is central to our work. Our extensive product range is designed to match their expectations – whatever the recipe or product.


DÜBÖR comprises several companies in the fields of oil processing, confectionery glaze production and the construction of spraying equipment.

For over 50 years DÜBÖR has been the reliable partner in all things regarding our wide range of guaranteed, high-quality release agents namely our TRENNAKTIV products. Premium emulsions, separating agents, release wax and cutting oils of all kinds belong to the DÜBÖR product line.

All products are 100% organic and anti-allergenic and you will find RSPO products as well as HALAL and KOSHER certificated products. DÜBÖR has been IFS certified since 2005.

The foundation stone for the group was laid in 1961, when entrepreneur Horst Groneweg established his first factory in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, to produce release agents and the related equipment for applying them.

Website: www.dueboer.com

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