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The dough experts

DIOSNA – the DoughExperts – providing complete dough production, from dosage and predough preparation, the StartGut® for pre-dough processing, the mixing process through to handover logistics and quality control – the most important process in the bakery industry.

When combining StartGut® bio technology and engineering technology for pre-dough and mixing, dough characteristics will be established resulting in the best possible taste, consistency and mixing process. The best pre-conditions are, therefore, provided for optimal baking results.

Our portfolio for your success

Never satisfied even with state-of-the-art quality, experience and innovation, DIOSNA's company goal has not changed in 130 years. Our aim is to develop technologies which give our customers significant benefits. Continuous development and improvement and not being content with our current technology is one of our most important motivations.

As the global market leader in mixing technology and pioneers of machine-controlled pre-dough and sourdough machinery design, Diosna provides complete dough production systems on a worldwide basis – which is unique in this industry.

STARTGUT® – for reliable fermentation processes
Is this why the integration is so important?

Fermentation processes such as those used for batters and sourdoughs must be reliable and repeatable. They only work because microorganisms do their work; i.e. breaking down flour components, fermenting sugars and converting those sugars into sour-acid (milk and acetic acid) and loosening gas (CO2).

Stable processes are only obtained if you are constantly using starter cultures. The microorganisms used are lactic acid bacteria and yeast which have been selected specifically for their respective uses in predough and guarantee reliable guidance under set conditions. The DoughExperts offer special crops for all types of forage and sourdough guides.

PREDOUGH PLANTS – the starting point for your product quality
From industrial scale operations or chain outlet operators to craft producers with the highest level of requirements in terms of quality, DIOSNA provides customer-focused solutions for all types of pre-dough or sourdough in a modern bakery.

It is our goal to ensure that on a worldwide basis, more and more consumers knowingly eat tasty and naturally baked products from dough. Bread-making is an art and naturalness is its secret. A good bread contains no industrial additives; only flour, water, salt, and yeast to create specially formative dough.

The portfolio includes pre-dough systems and continuous predough production for wheat pre-dough and sourdough, spelt sourdough, rye sourdough and thermally managed pre-doughs.

MIXING SYSTEMS – the best mixing technology
DIOSNA Mixing Plants consist of perfectly developed bakery machines combined with sophisticated automation technology. The portfolio includes Spiralmixers, Wendelmixers and L-Shaped Mixers, in-line Transport Systems, Carousel Principle and the continoMIXX with the High Pressure Pre-Mixer, Dough Resting Systems as well as Elevator Tippers, Planetary Mixers and Stirring and Beating Machines.

The SPIRALMIXERS are known for optimal mixing processes - for batches of every size, from small to full bowl loads. Exceptional results for all kinds of dough are achievable: from the demands of wheat dough to mixed grain bread dough and wholemeal dough.

The principle of the WENDELMIXER is based on two mixing tools, installed off-centre, which turn in opposite directions and during operation, lowered into the rotating bowl. This creates a special spiral movement which enables dough to be created fast and precisely, with the dough barely warming up.

The DIOSNA Wendel Mixer is of particular interest for large, traditional bakeries and industrial businesses. These highly economical production kneaders are available in a stationary design with a wheeled bowl.

The LINEAR-TRANSPORT-SYSTEM offers the highest level of automation technology boasting a fully automatic overall process.

Within a linear transport system there are available, several dosing, kneading and/ or emptying systems meaning that several recipes can be made simultaneously with different kneaders to serve several subsequent lines containing different or identical doughs. It can be programmed with different dough rest periods depending on the individual recipes.



The CONTINOMIXX consists of a continuous dosing system, a prekneader and the newly patented generation of the continoMIXX premium system.

In the pre-stage, all raw material components are pre-kneaded, the post-kneading in the premium system continoMIXX ensures an ideal and flexible dough production.

Whilst in the pre-kneader a homogeneous pre-dough is created within a matter of seconds with the dough being fed immediately to further processing in the premium system continoMIXX which combines homogeneous mixing with effective kneading.

Pre-dough system

Pre-dough system

QUALITY CONTROL – Quality is the result of permanent controls
DIOSNA support their customers in identifying weak points of production through targeted intervention into the production process in order to achieve optimisation and assurance of quality. The laboratory offers analyses of sourdough and bread with evaluation and consultation in return.

FLOUR ANALYSIS is our range of new services
Natural materials tend to be unpredictable and come in a variety of compositions and quality. In order to produce high class bakery products with a constant premium quality, DIOSNA provides all essential data for your raw materials:-

Important for performance of the dough and baking process

Wet gluten
Influences dough structure, volume and relaxation

Relevant for the fermentation process and product features

Water absorption
Significant for dough performance, crumb and freshness

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