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Sunflower kernels from Bonloil Seeds.
Exceptional quality and taste.

Bonoil Seeds is a family owned and operated business company that is committed to the production and distribution of sunflower kernels in a worldwide market.

Founded in 2012, the company as an agricultural trade company, Bonoil Seeds has over the years, concentrated on the production, processing and exporting of sunflower kernels of the highest quality and has become one of the principal producers in the international market with exports to more than 20 countries.

Based in south-eastern Bulgaria, the factory is equipped with modern machinery covering all stages of the production of sunflower kernels.

Being completely automated, the production line includes cleaning, calibrating, hulling, sorting, packaging, storage and operations.

This technology allows us to maximise efficiency and productivity and as a result, achieve an output of 80 tonnes of sunflower kernels per day.

Monthly production capacity is over 2000 tonnes with yearly processing at over 22,000 tonnes.

The high quality which characterises all the products delivered by Bonoil Seeds is proven by the award to the company of certificates - IFS 6, ISO 22 000, FDA standards and KOSHER.

Bonoil Seeds is a manufacturer of high quality sunflower kernels the production of which is in high demand by the international markets. This production is achieved by the use of high quality sunflower seeds grown in ecofriendly areas in south-eastern Bulgaria.

Whilst we are a reliable, long-term partner of the local farmers and agricultural producers, our company also cultivates over 2000 hectares of its own agricultural land.

Sunflower kernels are graded according to size and separated into the following groups:

  • Bakery grade
  • Bakery premium
  • Confectionery grade
  • Confectionery premium
  • Bird food
  • Sunflower chips
  • Black sunflower seeds

Health benefits
With consumers increasingly demanding a healthier diets across the world, sunflower kernels, provide a healthy source of essential fatty acids, fibre, amino acids such as tryptophan which make up the building blocks of proteins, B Vitamins and are ideal for use in bakery products.

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Bonoil Seeds
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