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Special Anniversaries - autumn 2019


Celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

On 27 June 2019, the European bakery and pastry ingredients federation, FEDIMA, celebrated its 50th Anniversary. For the occasion, FEDIMA hosted a stakeholder event in Brussels with EU officials and representatives of Brussels-based trade associations.

To reflect on FEDIMA's journey, European Commission director of Food and feed safety & innovation, Ms. Sabine Juelicher, and FoodDrinkEurope director general, Ms Mella Frewen, delivered a speech. They highlighted the role of sector organisations in developing science-based regulations as well as the role and commitment of food manufacturers in ensuring food safety.

Following the birth of the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1957, work on raising food quality standards started. As business leaders in the bakery ingredients sector were following those rules and in order to speak with one uniform voice, FEDIMA was created. FEDIMA started with five founding members and quickly grew by adding national associations in parallel with Europe's membership expansion; FEDIMA counts 12 national associations to date.

Throughout the years, FEDIMA saw several laws and regulations being passed; from the creation of a Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) to the first food labelling directive and the definition of maximum levels of permitted additives in specific food categories, such as bread and fine bakery wares. More precisely, FEDIMA helped to protect consumers who had allergies to particular foodstuffs thanks to its contribution to a workable food allergen directive. FEDIMA was also particularly involved in the food improvement agents' package, which demonstrated its expertise in the use of additives and enzymes in bakery wares.

FEDIMA will celebrate one more time its 50th anniversary with its members, this time in Milan; where FEDIMA was founded on 20 May 1969.

L-R: Ms Sabine Juelicher, European Commission; Mr Jean Christophe Kremer, FEDIMA Secretary-General; Ms Mella Frewen, FoodDrinkEurope; Mr Johan Sanders, FEDIMA President


FEDIMA 50th anniversary cake


Federation of European manufacturers and suppliers of ingredients to the bakery, confectionery and patisserie industries

Our membership constitutes 12 national associations, representing approximately 200 companies across Europe.

Jean Christophe
Kremer Secretary General